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BLU Travel Street

Crew Air Travel made Competitive & Convenient.


BLU Travel Street is incorporated in Singapore in early 2021. Refer to as 'BTS', provides commercial & consulting services to Travel Street located in Mumbai. The organization has been providing marine ticketing services to the global maritime community ever since 2017. The organization is led by an experienced team of master mariners who felt the need to have a responsive travel support team to cater to changing dynamics of international crew change.

This belief was further strengthened during the Pandemic when the seafarers needed prompt solutions during sign on and sign off in turbulent international border controls where flights were limited and many changes were necessary.

The dedicated team of BTS insured every ship manager & their seafarer's requirements were looked into ensuring that the crew reached their homes safely.   

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"We are ready to support our clients and seafarers in getting to ports without being rejected for boarding."

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